Christian Simplicity

Embrace Gospel justice
Why consider Christian Simplicity during Lent, 2018?

Christian Simplicity

Get together with a small group of folks to pray, reflect on readings from the book, Christian Simplicity, take responsibility to care for God’s creation and embrace Gospel justice. The topics focus on attitudes within the modern mindset that distract us from caring for our spiritual welfare, our relationships, and God’s creation.

In a society that enjoys such unprecedented prosperity and abundance, why is there so much personal unhappiness and discontent? Simplicity is surely a Gospel value for our time. It is the path to a life that protects creation, promotes justice, and nurtures spiritual fulfillment. We are called not just to believe in Christ, but also to follow Christ by embodying the values of Jesus.

This book encourages us to move from being unthinking consumers to responsible citizens who see the connection between our lifestyle and our faith. Simplicity entails learning how to consume in a manner that protects God’s creation and embraces Gospel justice.

To join a group or purchase a book, contact Jean Marie at 402-593-9214.