C. A. R. E.—Cards Are Revenue for Education

The C.A.R.E. program (Cards Are Rewards for Education) is a parishioner  operated St. Columbkille Parish and School fundraiser. Gift cards are  purchased by C.A.R.E. at a discount (between 2-20%) and resold at face  value. C.A.R.E. retains the discount as profit and returns 100% of money  earned to St. Columbkille by funding various school and parish needs.

For parish school families every dollar spent under $1,000 you earn a CARES  Rewards discount of 1% on school tuition or religious education fees. If you  spend more than $1,000 you will earn 2%.

Gift cards are available for over 500 local and national vendors  including restaurants, grocery, home/auto, clothing, specialty stores and  entertainment including bowling, movie theaters, and music downloads.

C.A.R.E can be purchased 24-hours a day online; after each weekend Mass in  the church foyer; or sent to the school with students during the school  year.

Documents List

Current list of all vendors as well as the purchase card values and the  return percentages.

C.A.R.E. Order Form
Order Form

C.A.R.E. Retailers
Local Area Retailers

Shop with Scrip Brand List
Brand List

Shop with Scrip User Guide
User Guide

The cards come in varying values depending on the individual vendor.  However, if you have a big purchase and you would like a card for a specific  amount, contact a CARE Volunteer.

Shop with Scrip

Family Sign UpTo  order online:

1.    Log onto  www.shopwithscrip.com and create an account crediting St. Columbkille  using enrollment code: EL5B65AC9172

2.    Enter your bank information and the C.A.R.E.  Committee will approve your account or if you still want to write a check  follow the instructions provided .

3.    Place your order.

4.    Orders will arrive in the Parish office within seven  days.

5.    Orders will go home with school families or be  available for weekend mass pick-up.

Thank you for all your C.A.R.E. purchases.  We were able to donate money  for a stained glass window for the parish.

Animated Stain Glass WIndows
Stained Glass Windows

Email a CARE Volunteer with  questions or if you would like to help volunteer.