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In accordance with the guidelines of the Catechetical Directory and the relationship of growth in faith to human development, we have set up our Religious Formation Program to help with development of the total person.

Our program at St. Columbkille serves as an aid to the parents in their own lives and the lives of their children.

Particular emphasis in our Religious Formation Program is placed on adult development. “The documents of Vatican II and beyond clearly state the role of parents as the primary educators of their children in the faith.” We strongly encourage modeling by parents as a chief source of educating their children, enriched with a strong prayer life and lived commitment. Where religion is a priority of adults in the household, so this priority will influence the total family response.  The church continues the mission of Jesus Christ whose teaching has come down to us through the apostles. The ministry of catechesis serves the Church in that mission. It enables our faith to become living, conscious and active through the catechetical ministry given by the bishops of the United States. We recognize catechetical ministry has three aspects:

† To proclaim and teach God’s Word
† To celebrate the Sacred Scriptures
† To serve one another

The directives and guidelines of the National Catechetical Directory are followed: scripturally based (gospel, creed and traditional doctrine), liturgically oriented (prayer and worship in community) and Christ centered (service to others).

According to the “Sharing the Light of Faith”, the fundamental task of all catechists is to proclaim Christ’s message, participate in efforts to develop community, lead people to worship and prayer and motivate them in service to others.

From this statement we believe the total parish is involved in the ministry of catechesis. We are all catechist’s full-time through our Baptism. By being a Christian it is our mission to spread the Word, live the Gospel, and create, redeem and sanctify the world with our presence.

Lori Long

Lori Long
Director, Religious Formation
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Judie O’Connor
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