Sacred Heart Preschool Newsletter

April Newsletter – 2018  

Concepts We Are Working On

Shape: Diamond
Color: Purple (Spanish –morado, púrpura)
Number: 9 & 10
Letters: W, X, Y, Z
God’s Time: “Stories of Jesus”
Sight Words: “can”, “see”, “go”

Fun Things We Are Doing

Observing butterfly larvae transform into butterflies
Learning about birds and their unique songs
Completing our number books
Planting seeds
Golf ball painting

Songs We Are Singing

The Butterfly Song

May There Always Be Sunshine

Books We Are Reading

From Caterpillar to Butterfly
Tiny Seed
Sunflower House
Grow Flower Grow

Preschool Arrival ~ Practicing New Skills

In anticipation of this kindergarten skill, families may allow children to walk into the preschool on their own beginning April 9/10. It is still important that children are supervised until 8:00 a.m., and that parents do not leave the area until they see their child enter the building. Please feel free to walk in with your child if there is anything you would like to share with us. We are always happy to visit with you!.

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Upcoming Events

March 29 – April 2
No Preschool – Easter Break

April 5/6
Field Trip permissions due

April 9
Children may walk up the stairs by themselves (see below)

April 19 & 20
No Preschool

April 24
Library Day T-TH Class

April 27
Library Day MWF Class

May 1/2
Rose Theater Field Trips

May 15
Preschool Graduation
6:30 p.m. in Social Hall (more info to follow)

Rose Theater Field Trip

Our field trips to the Rose Theater will be May 1 & 2. Please refer to the attached note for important additional information and permission slip forms.