Sacred Heart Preschool – Supplies

Back to School Shopping

With the back to school sales beginning earlier each year, we thought it would be helpful to pass along our school supply list for preschool. School supplies are “community supplies” so they do not need to be individually labeled. Children are asked to bring their school supplies to Open House in August.

Print the Supply List
(Updated May 19,2017) 

School/Snack Supplies

M-W-F Class

  • 2 rolls paper towels
  • ½ gallon 100% juice
  • 1 pkg. 5 oz. Dixie cups
  • 1 small liquid hand soap (not antibacterial)
  • 1 package Pipsqueak markers (fat or skinny)

T-TH Class

  • 2 rolls paper towels
  • 1 box graham crackers
  • 1 package sandwich or snack size zip type baggies
  • 1 small pump hand sanitizer
  • 1 package white copy paper

What Else Will My Child Need?


Preschoolers will need a standard size backpack (no mini or novelty shaped backpacks please). Test the backpack to see if it will accommodate a 9 x 12 folder (without folding).

Please label the backpack with your child’s name.


Children will be most comfortable in play clothes and shoes which allow for running, climbing and a little dirt.  Sneaker type shoes are preferred (flip flops and crocs can be frustrating for children on the playground).

Choose clothing which allows for independence at bathroom time. Your child will spend some time outdoors each day  (large motor time and/or waiting to be dismissed), so please remember to dress your child for the weather.

When cool weather hits, remember to label your child’s sweatshirts, coats, hats & mittens. Your child will thank you!