Youth Formation

The Passion of the Christ Viewing

Permission Form – March 7, 2018

Teen Faith Youth Ministry will hold a viewing of The Passion of the Christ on Wednesday, March 7, from 7:00 to 9:15 p.m. in the Steinhausen Center. Due to the R rating of this film, anyone under the age of 17 will needs to turn in a signed permission slip before the viewing.  Nicole L. Cook

Advent Family Festival Helper

Contact: Lori Long at 402-339-0990

The first week of Advent, a celebration is held instead of Religious Formation. This celebration is aimed at the whole family and needs people to support the activities at the once-a-year event. Helpers are needed for approximately two hours on the Monday OR Wednesday of the event.

Boy Scouts Helper

Contact: John Lowndes at 402-593-8559

A national organization to serve the boys of our parish from
1st through 12th grade. Troop activities and meetings focus on teaching the boys how to run the troop, make decisions, earn merit badges, camping trips, and service projects. Helpers work within the program to assist as needed.

Girl Scouts Helper

Contact: Karen Pelchat at 402-234-3086

A national organization for girls to grow, share experience, and learn from activities and opportunities developed to encourage them in friendship and serving others. Meeting location, times, and commitments vary according to age and specific groups. Helpers work within the program to assist as needed.

Home & School Association

Contact: Maria Hoffman

Parents of students attending St. Columbkille School help plan and support school activities throughout the year. Activities include coordinating the school’s fundraiser, and helping show appreciation for the teachers. Many of the tasks needed are broken up in areas to make them more manageable. People are needed to help coordinate in many of these areas. Some tasks take a few hours a year and others are more extensive for a short period of time.

Large Group Social Activities/Events (Youth Group)

Contact: Nicole Cook at 402-339-0990

At various times of the year, opportunities are offered that give youth an opportunity to gather as a community to get to know each other and have fun together without the pressures of the societal issues of alcohol, drugs, and sex. Examples of events are: Worlds of Fun Road Trip, Summer Concerts, World Youth Day Rally, NCYC, Bowling Lock-ins, and Movie Nights. Some adults have taken on planning a single event. Adults are needed to help with the planning and execution of these special events.

Religious Formation Catechist/Aide

Contact: Lori Long  at 402-339-0990

Our program serves as an aide to the parents in their own lives and the lives of their children. We gather weekly from September through May on Monday evenings from 5:00 to 6:15 p.m., and Wednesday evenings from 5:45 to 7 p.m. The sessions are for children in grades preschool through eighth. Catechists and aides must have current Safe Environment Certification. Two training sessions are offered before the year begins and two additional sessions during the year. Lessons are provided. For catechists, planning and class time involves approximately three hours per week.

Sacred Heart Preschool Helpers

Contact: Julie Crnkovich at 402-991-3405

The goal of St. Columbkille Sacred Heart Preschool is to create a warm, secure environment that encourages exploration and a love for learning. Preschool parents serve as our main preschool helpers, but we do have opportunities for guest readers to come into the classroom to read to small groups of children. Helpers at the preschool must have current Safe Environment Training.

St. Columbkille School Helper

Contact: Jim Makey at 402-339-8706

A variety of tasks are needed throughout the year to assist the school including help with lunch room set-up and clean-up, and crossing guards. Some tasks can be coordinated within the time people are available.

Youth Ministry

Contact: Nicole Cook at 402-339-0990

The St. Columbkille family has a great recognition of the unique and challenging wants and needs of young people in parish life. By providing opportunities for service, learning, and fellowship, Youth Ministry taps into the great energy and growing faith that is found in the hearts of our young people. We are looking for adults who are willing to chaperone individual events and adults who may be willing to offer their time on a weekly basis to support this ministry. Everyone involved must have current Safe Environment Training.